Global Investment, strategy, structuring and commercialization.

Derrick has served as CEO of various companies and brings with him, over 25 years’ worth of valuable expertise in global investments, strategy, structuring and commercialization. He was the Joint-Managing Partner at NinetyEast Capital Partners, a Mauritius based Private Equity & Corporate Finance group and the Joint-Managing Partner at a Private Equity Investment Vehicle listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.

He also served as the COO of Fleming Financial Trust Ltd and on the board and Investment Vehicles of the Fleming Group which also listed an ETF on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He held the position of CEO at Ecosystem Capital which served as the investment arm for the ADS Group ( Derrick also held the position of Director of Investments and strategy for the ADS Group.

Currently; Derrick leads Ecosystem Holdings ( and serves as an advisor to various international companies, organizations and Funds across multiple jurisdictions.

These global groups were largely involved in international structured finance, captive insurance, private capital deployment and investment. He mastered skills and experience that cover inter alia all areas of corporate finance, strategic corporate structuring and positioning, multi-jurisdiction growth and strategy, design and implementation of internationalization strategies, debt restructuring, project financing and management. Derrick has a keen eye for detail, strong analytical skills and business acumen.