• 20+ years of cross-cultural experience in various industries (in recent years focus on life science (oncology, medical devices) and agriculture) as business partner, CEO/GM, country manager, board member and advisory boards, management consulting.
• Proven business development experience (ideation, PoC, scalability and growth) in developed (USA, Japan, Europe) and emerging markets (India, CEE, China, SA)
o Clinical trials, regulatory approvals, commercial partners, network (KoL, hospitals and PoC, business partners)
• Proven fund raising experience and vast network of investors
• Effectively turn business complexity to business accelerated growth through proven deep business processes understanding and profound methodological knowledge (quickly identify and exploit lever points)
o Improved results often reported: higher profitability, 10%-30% top line increase, 30%-50% improvement in major business KPIs
• Multi-disciplinary 360o multi proficient executive (incl. business strategy, financials, PMF/CMF, marketing and sales, supply chain).
• Leadership, innovative and outside the box thinker, strong risk mitigation capabilities